The SalesRails Platform

A True All-in One Platform Designed From The Ground Up To Work Together Seamlessly.

Say goodbye to broken systems, confusing APIs, multiple licenses, and patchy updates. SalesRails was designed with simplicity and optimization in mind.

It’s easy-to-implement, easy-to-use, and easy to scale — with less workaround and added flexibility so you can build it the way you want it the first time.

SalesRails Features

A Digital Sales Platform That Just Works.

Sales Funnels
Reporting & Analytics
Sales Funnel

Sales Funnel Configuration

One of the most powerful features, sales funnels are generally one of the most rigid areas not allowing you to create the funnels you know will bring you the most success without a ton of custom code. This sales funnel editor will allow you to easily configure functionality between pages that will drive your sales to new heights!



Subscriptions are the best way to achieve predictable revenue and secure your company's future sustainability. Configure them in any way you can think of from simple monthly recurring to subscription boxes that change products every month. You are in control of delivery frequency, product variety, site accesses, and even change the price along the way.


Attribution Management

Mangage both your affiliate and your media spend assignments so all sales are attributed appropriately and indisputably. Assign different attribution priorities to different traffic sources. Affiliate payouts by % of sale or fixed payout. Also control the lifetime of your cookies including recurring configurations.


Product Management

Configure products you sell with unlimited variants and bundling available. Hook up fulfillment and manage product costs and affiliate deal defaults here too.


Content Management System (CMS)

Using headless technology, build your own custom marketing website, customizable order forms, and one-click upsells, all while leveraging existing templates to create a content system that works for you.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

See all your customers, their purchases, behavioral data, website access, customer service touchpoints and more all in one place. Then do advanced segmenting to further your marketing capabilities.

Reporting and Analytics

Integrated Reporting and Analytics

Connected systems mean superior data. Dig into your sales funnels by seeing conversion data down to your last upsell. Get to know your LTV so you can take bigger risks media buying. Compare all your traffic channel numbers so you can determine where to focus and where to let go.


Operations Management

Training, onboarding, knowledge base, and more. Tools you need to make your company stronger internally and serve your customers better with less effort from you.

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